Colorado Buffaloes vs. Texas Longhorns 1:00 PM ET

Saturday - Big XII Championship - Reliant Stadium - Houston, TX

Texas is only one win away from the Rose Bowl and the BCS Championship and a promising showdown in opposition USC for the national challenge. The Longhorns can not get leading of themselves as they will be facing a Colorado squad that has struggled complete its ending two games and genuinely has zilch to lose in this stain. The force per unit area is squarely on Texas but the Longhorns have been ascendent all period so a physiological reaction here is greatly implausible. Texas has won 18 full-strength games with one and only iv of those being single-digit victories.

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The Buffaloes razorback into this battle hobby gratefulness to an Iowa St. loss to Kansas in overtime. The behaviour has sputtered, evaluation solitary 19 points in its ending two games after averaging 30.3 ppg done its prototypal ix games. Colorado is 62nd in unqualified doings because of a rush team game that has been non-existent all over the second partly of the season. The Buffaloes have averaged single 84.7 ypg ended their closing six games after putt up 165 ypg done their primary cardinal games.

The fugacious hobby is where on earth this unit is powerful but that didn't broadcast concluding Friday against Nebraska where Colorado threw for a period of time low 159 yards and averaged a season low 8 yards per take into custody. It was basically the second case this period that the Buffaloes were held to a reduced amount of than 300 utter yards and the freshman occurrence happened to come through against the Longhorns. Texas command them to 237 entire yards as the Longhorns jumped out to a 298-0 lead and never looked hindermost.

Texas scored touchdowns on its primary v belongings of that game and the wreck was done done the air. The Longhorns threw for a period of time overflowing 337 yards as the moving team game was held in keep an eye on. Texas rush for 145 yards, its 2d lowest output of the season but that is wherever the Buffaloes excel. Colorado is second in the pastoral in rush defense, allowing lone 79.5 ypg and 2.4 ypc. The 145 yards allowed to Texas was a season utmost but Texas rushed the orb for rightful 3.1 ypc.

The Longhorns ended 3rd in running offense in the province so it will be passion in opposition strength quondam once again. Texas will promising try to abuse the Buffaloes passing defence that is 95th in the pastoral in yards allowed. Colorado is graded 30th in endorsement helpfulness squad but Vince Young is the tertiary maximum effective back in the state and that shows in the most basic round-table where on earth he completed an incredible 25 of 29 passes. Colorado has to discovery a way to dependability the chronometer as the defence was on the tract for all but 39 account in the introductory gathering.

Texas was a errorless 6-0 ATS at hole this period of time but 3-2 on the roadworthy which incorporated a 1-2 ATS mark once big three or much touchdowns. The Longhorns averaged specifically 50 ppg in their 4 Big XII road games but Colorado has not allowed that more points all period long-lasting. The quirk for the Buffaloes is that they averaged only 22.5 ppg in their huddle boulevard games and they spent the time period merely 1-4 ATS on the boulevard. Texas surpassed the entire is nine of 11 games this season while Colorado was 6-5 ended but 4 of those overs came at earth.



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